Tips for promotion blogs.

I am because I blog is a popular saying among bloggers. This is  generally because the bloggers  believe they write blogs to satisfy their wandering souls. But at some stage, whatsoever is the motive behind blogging, bloggers wish to become popular, to be read, commented on and to be known by the people.

Starting  a blog is the easier thing, writing regularly is difficult, and attracting readers to the blog is even more difficult. More difficult doesn’t however apply to impossible, and with some techniques, bloggers can ensure that they have made the foundations to make their blogs popular.

Here are a few tips to attract more people to the blog, lure them to visit again and thus be a popular blogger:

Be specific
Before beginning to write blogs, it’s advisable to choose the title of the blog that suits the contents. The blogger should also write regularly on one or two specific subjects. Begin diversified is not bad, but it won’t serve to attract regular visitors because blog readers are like-minded people. Be it politics, economics, sports, celebrity, entertainment, personal monologues or technology, writing on one particular subject (of course, the blogger should know a few things about it) always forces readers to visit your blog again and again.

Be regular
Blog entries should be regular- be it hourly, daily, thrice a week, twice a week or weekly. If a reader likes your blog and visits it again for two days to find that nothing had been updated, he won’t come back again ( he will, if he knows the blog is only updated on weekdays). If a blogger is busy for long time, he should put a notice about it so as to keep the readers informed.

Email ehem
The first step to make a blog noticed by others is emailing them. A beginner should email his friends, family members, co-workers and whosoever exchange emails with him, telling them about his blog and asking them to forward the email to their friends. Friends are always good commentators and will keep the bloggers happy ( especially if they find their names mentioned in some posts that describe their picnic or hangout or something).

Submit and ping
There are a few blog search engines that many people use to find blogs of their interest. Although search engines like Google Blogsearch find the blogs automatically, submitting blogs to them is always good.

Pinging is ‘notifying other websites that you have updated your blog’. It is telling the search or blog aggregators that the blog has been update. After posting each blog entry, free pinging service could be used.

Exchange links 
The more sites are linked to the blogs, the more popular it is. So if a blogger has friends who have websites or blogs, exchange links could make things easier. An equally good idea is linking other blogs or articles whenever they exchange followers a simple rule- if you help others, they’ll help you in return.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) looks vague and difficult to understand. But it is very easy, and the simplest form of using it is finding out the RSS address of the blog and putting it as a link somewhere. RSS is a link of the latest five or 10 ( customizable) articles in XML format that people subscribe to by using programs called RSS aggregators.

These are all foundations that help promote blog. But the long lasting popularity of any blog will depend on the quality of blogs and the popularity of the subjects (and of course, the blogger’s luck).

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