Colourless colour

Colourless colour

A vicious circle is drawn around you. It is enough to limit all your access to what you want to have. Now you cannot cross the line. The fear is not of death for sure. For death is like a chronic phantom dancing over your head; waiting for that very moment. The threat is something else. You cannot say no. there’s no option. You cannot escape.

You yell and shout out loud for help. Everyone around hears you, looks at you, eyes full of sympathy; pours some kind words, makes you wet and go away. No one dares to step forward, for they don’t want to fall prey to the circle. You are left alone to walk along.

You close your eyes, just to see the face smiling inside you. And then, you open your eyes just to get blinded by what you see. You’d rather close your eyes. It was a sweet escape. But things are not that easy as they appear to be. Your vision becomes blur. Your escape becomes narrow. Your mind becomes desert. Those tears in your eyes vaporize, before they fall onto the ground.

Is there another life? Shall I wake up and find all these, a dream? There must be, we can’t be created for this sort of suffering.
But unfortunately, suffering knows no boundary. It takes away the color out of that beautiful sketch of life and makes it colorless. Life once beautiful is now weary. People once close to heart are now scary. Its then, you decide to let that colorless potion to color the walls of your dream. But how on earth can they?

Reality begins to bite you. You cry out of pain, but everything’s same. You try to find out reason for all these. Perhaps, it is time. But you are the prisoner of time. You cannot escape it. You are too feeble to break down the circle around you. There’s no way out…………….

As you rest your mind, sick of all these things around, you see the shadow of death in front of your eyes; smiling and perhaps waiting. Perhaps, it is not your time yet. There may be a lot in store for you. Pray it, not to be lifeless-life again!!!

A man in the middle of the ocean is thirsty!!!