Respect others’ belief

Respect others’ belief

Once an old man was reading the Ramayana while waiting for a train.

A young man with his wife was standing near by and said,” You old fashioned people read only the Ramayana. What is so great in the Ramayana anyway?”

The old man smiled and continued reading. The arrival of the train was delayed so the young man left for about 30 minutes. The train arrived . Everyone, in a hurry , rushed in to get a seat. The  old man and young  man were seated next to each other on the train too. And the old man continued to read the Ramayana.

Suddenly the young man realised that his wife was missing! He shouted anxiously, “ My wife! Where is she? I think she has been left behind on the platform!”

The old man said to him calmly, “If you had read the Ramayana, you would never have committed this mistake.”

“What?” said the young man.

The old man explained, “It is said in the Ramayana that when Ram Chandra, Sita and Lakshmana were standing on the bank of the Ganga and the boat man came with the boat, Ram Chandra asked Sita to get in the boat first and only then did he  get in the boat himself! So why are you asking me what is said in the Ramayana that tells you even this!”

True enough, any time you are confused and cannot decide what your duty is, just read the Ramayana and you will find the answers to all your doubts!”

Treat with respect all things held sacred to others, whether you understand these things or not.

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