Suspended Coffee

Suspended Coffee

Do you know what is ” Suspended Coffee ” or “Suspended Meal”
OK, let me explain…
A women giving money at a restaurant counter in Norway and told:
“Five coffee, two suspended “. Gave money for five coffees and carried three cups of coffee.
And another came and ordered :
” Ten Coffee, five suspended”. He paid for ten and grabbed five coffees.
And another ordered:
“Five meal, two suspended”. He paid for five meals and took three lunch packets.

An old man for a while, came to the counter with shabby clothes.
“Any ” Suspended coffee”?” He asked.
The two woman at the counter said, ” Yes,” and served a cup of hot coffee.
Soon another bearded man came in and asked ” Any Suspended Meals”? The man at the counter gave a parcel of hot rice & curry and a bottle of water.

Helping the unknown & poor even without knowing their face is the kind of humanity which really is the best form of charity.

What is remarkable is that, this good act has come to a few countries in Europe and is spreading throughout the world.
Hope we too can grow to this Level!

*Have a healthy day*

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